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Gridlock Denim understands your desire to make every wardrobe purchase count. Chances are you shop at stores and boutiques that cater to celebrities and fashionistas who are on the forefront of any new trend—stores like Kitson, H. Lorenzo, Wink, Yellow Dog, Wild Thing, Barucci and Rush.  And Gridlock knows that even if you aren’t a celebrity right now, you have the same sense of style, flair and head-turning va va voom. 

Gridlock Denim takes pride in the innovation and craftsmanship of its denim jeans, skirts and skinny overalls. As the creator of the first patented changeable pocket overlays, Gridlock Denim is millions of denim threads above the pack when it comes to revolutionary design.

That’s why you’ll only find Gridlock Denim in some of the top stores in the country—boutiques like Kitson in West Hollywood and Los Angeles that routinely outfit movie and television stars. Yellow Dog in Glen Circle also knows a thing or two about style when it comes to pleasing A-list talent with sexy, form-fitting denim. H. Lorenzo on Sunset Boulevard is known as the paragon of avant-garde fashion so of course Gridlock Denim is available there. You’ll also find Gridlock at Dalia’s Studio, Jewel and Flasher.

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Not in Los Angeles?  Never fear—Gridlock has you deliciously covered in Phoenix and Scottsdale at Wink and the W-Hotel Boutique, and in Miami at Wild Thing, Euphoria and Barucci. Montana cowboys won’t be able to take their eyes off your backside once you’ve lassoed some Gridlock denim jeans at Machallie G’s in Kadispell. In New York you’ll find Gridlock Denim at Rush and Sammy’s in the Bronx and Rodeo Drive in New York City.  The list could go on and on and it does:  Envy Boutique in Oklahoma, Planet Pulse in Pennsylvania, High Society in San Francisco, Couture Allure Jeans and The Urban Rendezvous in Texas, in Washington, DC and even on the other side of the globe at Brest Co. Ltd in Osaka.

We invite you to visit a store in your area and try on a pair of Gridlocks, take a look at Gridlock’s patented changeable pocket overlays and lock yourself in for the sexiest pair of denim jeans of your life. 


Gridlock Denim Jeans
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Urban and modern women's clothing; Gridlock Denim jeans

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